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OHDEN Net Reports
OHDEN Net Schedule


OHDEN NET TUESDAYS 7:45PM (summer hours), 80M 3584.5KHZ USB,  OLIVIA 8-500 



(80M TBD) at fall time change






Time of Year


Time (Eastern)


Dial Frequency


Waterfall Frequency


Standard Time (Winter)



1804.5 USB


Olivia 8-500



3584.5 USB


Olivia 8-500

Daylight Savings Time (Summer)



3584.5 USB


Olivia 8-500

TBD TBD TBD 7055 USB 1500 Olivia 8-500
TBD TBD TBD 60m Ch1 1500 Olivia 8-500

                                   Note: dial frequencies may vary to prevent QRM.



Winter hours:  
Sunday - (starting November 8th for 80-meters)

1600 hrs

Tuesday - (starting November 10th for 160-meters)

1945 hrs

Watch period hours
1945-2000 hrs on 80-meters year around

Daily 1930-1945 hrs on 160-meters (winter hours



OHDEN Standard Operating Guide (SOG)



In times when the normal communication channels are compromised or overloaded, the local agencies that ARES serves rely on having an alternate and reliable means of communication to other counties as well as to state-level Ohio Emergency Management. OHDEN was created as a system of amateur radio operators and equipment to perform this function.


OHDEN uses the amateur radio digital modes to transfer messages using the standard forms used in the Incident Command System, the standard of all emergency management agencies. The forms and the software that interfaces with the radio are part a suite of software known as Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS) which is free to download and requires a minimal of additional hardware. OHDEN relies on Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) propagation to allow for communication of up to several hundred miles for reliable messaging within the state.


It is our goal to have this capability within each of the 88 Ohio counties' served agencies along with trained amateur radio operaors to provide it.


OHDEN also uses 1945 local time on days with no net for a brief and informal watch period to provide any daily updates or a notification of activation. This period is commonly used to send and receive short training messages.


For more information, go to the Facebook group page  or email the OHDEN Net Manager,

Gary Hollenbaugh, at





Important Sites



 * Great Lakes Division

 * ARRL Headquarters

 * Utility Files 

 * Monthly Net Reports



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